About Us

 Steve Ritchey of Seed Studio Landscape Design

Steve has worked in the landscape design field for over 15 years. Since founding Seed Studio in 2012 he's helped dozens of clients rethink the environment around their home. Inspired by nature and design, Seed Studio is the culmination of his experience in the disciplines of landscape, architectural and ecological design.

His appreciation of nature began with childhood trips to the Appalachian Mountains. Initially pursuing an architecture degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design, these early experiences inspired a transfer to the University of Georgia to complete a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture. He later completed an Ecological Design degree from the San Francisco Institute of Architecture and most recently earned a Permaculture Design Certificate at the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center.

Outside the studio Steve has been known to geek out on music, ferment tasty elixirs and lose himself in the wilds of California.