Mission Sidewalk Oasis in San Francisco, California

Mission Sidewalk Oasis

San Francisco, California  : :  2014


A design to rewild a front yard full of concrete at this Mission District residence in San Francisco. While enjoying city life, our client had a deep desire to inhabit a more natural space. Recreating a sense of wildness that complemented the modern exterior of the home was our goal. Two new trees set the overall tone for the space while providing interior views out to greenery. Modern pavers paired with shady woodland species create a lush entry, while on the far side native meadow plantings thrive in afternoon sun. An oasis for more than the homeowner or passerby, the garden is home to a myriad of birds, butterflies, and bumblebees while holding up to the challenges of urban street life.


Construction:  Owner Installed

Image editing:  Travis Rhoads Photography





The amount of privacy, lushness and beauty that greets me when I return home is both brilliant and an improvement that I could never have dreamed was possible. Finally, a piece of my home that I am in love with and can’t wait to see grow and transform.
— Erin