Noe Mid-Century Modern in San Francisco, California

Noe Mid-Century Modern

San Francisco, California  : :  2015


A mid-century inspired space that seizes the day. Notified that the existing residence next door was to be demolished and a new home built in it's place, a window of opportunity presented itself for our clients. Easy access to the rear yard during construction would enable the longtime Noe Valley residents to install the garden they had dreamed of for years. Our task was to maximize a tight budget and carefully coordinate with the neighboring construction schedule. The resulting design features a large firepit area incorporating a lengthy concrete seatwall to host large gatherings. A cozy dining space tucks under an existing Maple tree and is flanked by a lounge area that's still searching for just the right couch. Existing wood retaining walls were reused and faced with new boards, with concrete and gravel patios lending an overall laid back modern vibe.


Construction:  Romero Landscaping

Image editing:  Travis Rhoads Photography