Serpentine in San Carlos, California


San Carlos, California  : :  2019


"Nobody can find our front door" exclaimed our clients upon our first visit to their home in the hills of San Carlos. The combination of an overgrown front slope and a crumbling entry path was a challenging trip for visitors. Our task was first and foremost to create a proper entry to the property, clarifying a path of travel to the front door. Three sets of steps weave down the terraced slope, opening to a courtyard paved with concrete pads. An existing deck leading to the entrance was extended to meet the concrete pads, providing a visual cue leading guests to the front door. A meadow of native grasses fills the entry space, with colorful perennials in view on the terraces. Previously a parking zone, the rear yard was converted to much needed play space for the family to enjoy. Vegetation along the rear of the property was removed, opening views of Oak trees and wildland beyond. Native plantings fill the remaining spaces, continuing to evolve in response to the habits of local deer.


Construction:  Modernscapes SF

Gardening: Cynthia Clark Landscaping

Images:  Travis Rhoads Photography